Handmade heirloom rugs are incredibly durable but they occasionally need minor repairs. When completing our Online Estimate form, please indicate that you are interested in rug repair and our expert specialist will thoroughly inspect your rugs during pickup. Any agreed upon repairs will be made by our team of professionals in a Matt Camron workroom.

  • Will you pick up and deliver my rug for cleaning?

     We are committed to taking the hassle out of caring for your rugs and offer professional, convenient and friendly pickup and dropoff services. Complimentary pickups are available within select Houston zip codes and we are happy to pick up rugs in surrounding cities, including Galveston, Round Top, and Brenham for a fee. We invite you to complete the Online Estimate form and one of our specialists will contact you to determine whether you are in our service area and to schedule a suitable pickup date and time if so.

    Please note that our team is unable to move extremely heavy or delicate items off of your rug and that you may require the support of professional movers. We highly suggest arranging to have all furnishings moved off of your rug prior to your scheduled pickup date and time.

  • How long do rug cleaning services take?

    This depends on which services you’re interested in. The average time from pickup to return ranges between 10 days to 2 weeks and varies depending on whether you’re washing an antique rug that is heavily soiled, cleansing an oriental rug that also requires repairs, or treating a modern rug that’s only in need of a routine cleaning.

    Our expert team will provide you with an estimated completion date during your consultation.

  • Can’t I just steam clean my rug at home?

    Never steam, chemically clean or wash your rug in the washing machine as these cleaning methods deplete the natural oils within the rug pile.

  • I didn’t buy my rug at Matt Camron Rugs. Will you still clean it?


  • Do you only offer rug cleaning services in Houston or do you offer other locations to?

    We proudly offer exceptional rug cleaning services within the greater Houston area and invite you to complete the Online Estimate form to determine whether you reside within our service area. In addition to our Houston showroom, we have showrooms in Dallas, Chicago, Denver and Washington D.C.,  and we look forward to expanding our rug cleaning services to support those regions in the future.

  • Do you send the rugs out to be cleaned?

    No, we clean all rugs in-house to ensure each rug receives the quality cleansing and repair that our team is so well known for.

  • I have a large area rug that needs to be cleaned. Is it too big?

    No, there is no size limit when it comes to our expert rug cleaning and repair services.

  • I’ve had the same rug pad for years. Does it need to be replaced?

    Our specialist will examine your rug and rug pad and will let you know if it’s time to replace your rug pad. We will also assess any repairs that may be needed. Read more about our in-house rug repair services.

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